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Horno tradicional italiano



Our culture and our passion for this work led us in 2014 to open the doors of Amore Mío, creating a familiar place where everyone who enters feels at home.

Many ask me why that name, for us that name, represents the love we feel in each preparation, in every detail and in every corner of Amore Mio.

The secret of our kitchen is the selection of the best fresh and high quality Italian ingredients.

Chef Ernesto Flavio


A well-prepared meal has delicate flavors that must be retained in the mouth to be appreciated.

Amore Mío is a feeling that goes beyond the dishes, it is a feeling of twinning towards something very beautiful, thanks to everyone's work.

Eresto Flavio

Founder, Ristorante Amore Mio.

Lina Marcela

Founder, Ristorante Amore Mio.